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Ashiya and Maou making a resume

After escaping to Earth, Alciel and Satan are found by the police and taken to the police station where they obtain information about the world they ended up in via hypnosis. After taking care of basic accommodation and identification, they set off to find jobs for themselves, but their initial job ventures ended in failure. After some months, Maou suggested that Ashiya handles the chores and research ways to regain their powers, while Maou concentrates on his part-time job at MgRonald's.

In the beginning of summer, Ashiya lectured Maou about spending all their bank savings on a washing machine, refrigerator, and a bike. Maou argued that the first two are necessary for the sweltering weather, and that he needed a bike to go to work. Ashiya handed an umbrella to Maou as the latter got ready to go to his workplace.

Emi showed up at their apartment the next day. Shocked, Ashiya secured all the locks and ignored her protests and didn't want to let her in. Maou then revealed that he had a run-in with Emi the night before. Emi started crying, thus Maou told Ashiya to let her in. She told them of how she came to be on Earth, then mocked for a bit before leaving.

Ashiya tailed Maou when the latter went on a date with Chiho, but was discovered by Emi, who later dragged him into the restaurant where Maou and Chiho were. Soon after, the underground mall they are in collapses. When they meet up after Maou hadmoved the rubble out of the way to save the people trapped within, Ashiya blamed himself for not being able to protect his lord and beat himself up for his inefficiency.

He went along with Maou and Emi when they discovered Lucifer and Orba wreaking havoc in the city. Lucifer's bullets tore a hole in Ashiya's torso, and put his life in danger until Maou regained his powers and imparted some of it to Ashiya so that he could heal himself and join the fight.