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It is implied that are a total of eleven Sephirot (sing. Sephirah) per world.

Sephirot (biblical)[]

There are a total of ten Sephirot according to Kabbalah, a religious school of thought.

Name Meaning Number Jewel Color Guardian Angel
Keter "Crown" One Diamond White Metatron
Chochmah "Wisdom" Two Turquoise Grey Ratziel
Binah "Understanding" Three Pearl Black Zaphkiel
Chesed "Kindess" Four Sapphire Blue Zadkiel
Gevurah "Severity" Five Ruby Red Camael
Tiferet "Beauty" Six Topaz Gold Raphael
Netzach "Eternity" Seven Emerald Green Haniel
Hod "Splendour" Eight Opal Orange Mikael
Yesod "Foundation" Nine Quartz Purple Gabriel
Malchut "Kingship" Ten Crystal Yellow Sandalphon

For more information on Sephirah in the real world, see Sephirot

Ente Isla's Sephirot[]



Originally, the complete personification of Ente Isla's Yesod Sephirah was Kael. At some point since then, Yesod was stolen and shattered into fragments, which each took on their own personifications. Alas=Ramus, Acies=Ara, and the Evolving Holy Sword "Better Half" are among the fragments of Yesod.


Iron is the personification of Ente Isla's Gevurah Sephirah.


Utsushihara is the personification of Ente Isla's Daath Sephirah.


Both Eros and Nuxe are the personifications of the Ente Isla's Malkuth Sephirah.


Alas=Ramus has mentioned Keter, Binah, Tiferez, Netzach, and Hod when looking at a minivan ad with differently colored balloons.

Earth's Sephirot[]


Ooguro Tenji is Earth's Binah Sephirah. His real name is Mamuried.


Amane mentioned having an Uncle George, Earth's Chesed Sephirah, in Cairo.

11th Sephirah[]

Miki Shiba is the 11th Sephirah for Earth's Tree of Life.

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