The SFC across the street from MgRonald's

Sentucky Fried Chicken, also known as SFC is a fictional fast food chain featured in the Hataraku Maou-sama! series. It is based heavily on the similarly-named "Kentucky Fried Chicken" franchise of the real world.


A chain restaurant like MgRonald's, Sentucky Fried Chicken specializes in the preparation and serving of chicken rather than hamburgers, as the name would imply. The most commonly seen branch in the series is a restaurant across the street from the MgRonald's Store managed by Mayumi Kisaki. The SFC featured in the series is managed by Mitsuki Sarue, the Archangel known in Ente Isla as Sariel.


This particular SFC location opened less than a year after Sadao Maou arrived in Japan, around the time when he was made shift manager at the neighboring restaurant; thus, the former Devil considers them to be his direct competition in the fast food industry. After Sariel fails to defeat the Demon King and steal the Sacred Sword from the Hero Emilia, he falls in love with the Manager of MgRonald's and abandons his mission altogether. As a result, the archangel chooses to remain in Japan as the Manager of SFC, making continued attempts to woo his rival franchisee.