Rika invited Emi to stay the night at her apartment after the accident at the underground mall, her reason being that she thinks that it's better to not be alone during such times. It is revealed that Rika is reluctant to remember what happened on the day of the earthquake, saying that there are memories that she would rather not recall.

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Rika and Ashiya's meeting in SFC

Some time later, when Rika gets in the know that Emi and Suzuno plan to watch Maou at his workplace, and invites herself along to see him for herself, having gotten the impression that he had a unique relationship with the other two girls. When listening to Ashiya's story about he and Maou's relationship later at SFC, she commended his role as the housekeeper, encouraging Ashiya by telling him that his role is no less important. Ashiya thanked her with his usual drama, causing her to blush which led to her crush on him.