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Red Moon
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Demon Realm
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Location Red Moon
Inhabitants Sadao Maou (formerly), Shirō Ashiya (formerly), Hanzō Urushihara (formerly), Camio (formerly), Libicocco (formerly), Barbariccia, Ciriatto, Farfarello

Hataraku Mao-sama! Light Novel Volume 1


Hataraku Mao-sama! Manga Chapter 1


Episode 1 - The Demon King Arrives in Sasazuka

The Red Moon is one of Ente Isla's two moons and is thought of as a god presiding and watching over Ente Isla by the humans of Ente Isla. It was initially the only moon that the planet of Ente Isla had before the angels came and to the contrary of the people of Ente Isla is the world where all the demons that attacked Ente Isla come from and are bred in. The Red Moon seems to be barren and has a distinctively scarlet tinted sky. Due to the near everlasting conflict, hatred, fear, and intense violence that existed between the denizens that dwell in it, it is filled with dark energy. Insofar that according to some high ranking demons, at least without any assistance, no ordinary human could trespass freely through it. Unlike Ente Isla, little to no celestial magic exists in it due to the lack of beings capable of producing it but seems to have a surface gravity similar to Ente Isla and Earth.


  • Many Ente Islans think that demons dwell beneath the surface of Ente Isla.
  • Just like if humans on the moon look at the Earth, the world of Ente Isla and "Heaven" seems to exists above the demon world to the residents that live there.
  • The red color of the Red Moon may be due to iron rusting just like how planet Mars is red. The iron in the moon reacted with oxygen that was ubiquitous in it producing a reddish color. Some of those sediments likely carried into the atmosphere possibly by winds and storms producing the scarlet tinted sky in it.
  • Iron oxide, the sediments that possibly cover the red moon and produced from iron rusting, gives human blood its hue. It coincidentally slightly correlates with the constant and intense bloodshed that happened in that world before the Devil King finally united and ended it.