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Nord Justina
Kanji ノルド・ユスティーナ
Rōmaji Norudo Yusutīna
Biographical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Yellow Green
Hair Color Magenta
Personal Status
Affiliation Ente Isla
Occupation Farmer (former)
Relatives Emi Yusa (Daughter)
Lailah (Wife)
Acies=Ara (Adopted daughter)
Iron (dependent)
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 4
Novel Debut Volume 1
Manga Debut Volume 1
Seiyū Atsushi Ono (Japanese)
Andrew Chandler (English)

Nord Justina (ノルド・ユスティーナ Norudo Yusutīna) / Hiroshi Satou (サトウヒロシ Satou Hiroshi) is Emilia's father. It was believed that he had perished during Demon General Lucifer's siege on Western Continent, though this is later shown to be false. The Archangel Lailah, Emilia's mother, had hidden him away from the other angels due to his possession of the "other half" of the sacred sword pair.


Nord lived with Emilia in Sloan Village, West Island of Ente Isla, tending wheat fields to get by each day. Whenever Emilia grew worried about the Demon Lord's invasion, Nord would reassure her with comforting words. Although he was a mere farmer, Emilia looked up to him as if he were a hero.

The day that Emilia turned twelve, the priests from the Church came to take her away. That was when Nord told her that her mother was, in fact, an angel, and that Emilia had the power to take down the Demon Lord Satan. The priests would train her in learning how to harness that power. Some time after she left with the priests, Emilia learned that her village was destroyed by Lucifer, and presumed her father had perished along with it. She swore revenge on the Demon Lord as a result, and picked up the sword in earnest.

However, before Lucifer and his army arrived, Lailah had taken Nord to safety. Entrusted with the Yesod Fragment that contained Acies=Ara and the other better half and later fled to Japan, where he has been living under the alias Hiroshi Satou.


  • Nord is also a fan of curry and Japanese historical dramas.
  • Maou called him an embarrassing adult, for bringing Iron and Acies=Ara to MgRonalds frequently.