Miki Shiba
Kanji 志波 美輝
Rōmaji Shiba Miki
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Lavender
Personal Status
Occupation Landlady
Guardian of Earth
Relatives Amane Ooguro (niece)
Tenji Ooguro (relative)
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Novel Debut Volume 1
Manga Debut Volume 1
Seiyū Kimiko Saitō (Japanese)
Cynthia Cranz (English)

Miki Shiba (志波 美輝 Shiba Miki) is the owner of the "Villa Rosa Sasazuka" apartment building where Sadao Maou and Suzuno Kamazuki live. She is very obese and seems to know more about Ente Isla than expected of someone from Japan.


She is the landlord at the place the Devil King stays. She requested that her apartment be rented out to "shady characters" such as Maou and Alciel, also requesting that they call her "Miki-T." She seems to have some knowledge of Ente Isla.

She is a guardian of the Earth and is thought to be incredibly powerful to the point where Sariel and Gabriel did not strike Villa Rosa Sasazuka out of fear of provoking her. She is older than any known archangels in history.


Not much is known about Miki, other than that she knows more than she should about Ente Isla. Miki is a very mysterious woman.


Miki is a large woman who wears copious amounts of makeup and lipstick. She dresses heavily in thick fur jackets, and always carries a purse with her. Her clothing mainly consist of the calor purple. Miki also tends to wear a fancy, purple feather hat. She is also often seen wearing a yellow necklace.

According to Ooguro, Miki looked a lot like her when she was younger.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As guardian of the Earth, she is older than any of the archangels. It can be assumed that Miki is incredibly powerful. While her level of power is unknown, it is likely that her power easily exceeds Maou and the Hero considering how Sariel and Gabriel had no qualms in provoking a fight with the Demon King and the Hero but would greatly fear having a battle with Miki. Unlike Maou and Emi, whose powers are highly dependent on the amount of Mana they have gathered and stored, it can be assumed that Miki is not restricted to such trivial limitations.

It is revealed in Volume 11 that she is the eleventh Sephira for the Earth's Tree of Life. Because of this reason, when she is near Urushihara, his "human side" would react and his hair would turn to a silver color.


  • Her signature is her kiss (with lipstick).