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The MgRonald's Restaurant by Hatagaya Station

MgRonald's is a fictional fast food chain featured in the Hataraku Maou-sama! series, based heavily on the similarly-named "McDonald's" franchise of the real world.


The MgRonald's branch seen most prominently throughout the series is a small restaurant near Hatagaya Station in the story's version of Tokyo. As a fast food restaurant, the franchise specializes in the preparation and sale of hamburgers and fries, the most commonly seen item being the Big Mig Meal, a spoof of the "Big Mac Combo" served in real-life "McDonald's" restaurants. In addition, many of the soft-drinks shown in the anime series have similar names to those of popular soda brands, furthering the resemblance to common-place chain restaurants. The Hatagaya Store is a major recurring location due to its employment of Sadao Maou and Chiho Sasaki, two of the story's major characters, the former of which became the assistant manager after less than a year of employment at the branch's location. This particular branch is operated by Mayumi Kisaki, a friendly yet stern young woman with a penchant for scaring her employees and increasing the store's revenue.


As the primary workplace of Sadao Maou and Chiho Sasaki, many of the story's scenes take place within the restaurant, with some smaller plots even revolving around their adventures as employees. The store is frequented by several other members of the main cast, who stop in to speak to the former Demon King during his shift. Emi Yusa has been known to have verbal confrontations with her former nemesis in the restaurant, much to his dismay. Despite his former status in Ente Isla, Maou appears to take great pride in his position at MgRonald's, and compares the process of rising through the fast food ranks to his military ambition back home, despite many of his acquaintances finding the comparison to be ridiculous. While on duty, he appears friendly yet professional, his exemplary performance having earned him a promotion to shift manager partway through his first year of employment.