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Hataraku Maou-sama! Light Novel Volume 7
Kanji はたらく魔王さま! 7
Romanji Hataraku Maō-sama! 7
Release Date February 10, 2013 (Japanese)
April 18, 2017 (English)
ISBN-10 ISBN 4048914065 (Japanese)
ISBN 031646936X (English)
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4048914062 (Japanese)
ISBN 978-0316469364 (English)
Number of Pages 360 (Japanese)
224 (English)
Cover Character/s Emi Yusa, Sadao Maou, Chiho Sasaki
Previous Novel Light Novel Volume 6
Next Novel Light Novel Volume 8

Hataraku Maou-sama! Light Novel Volume 7 (はたらく魔王さま!7) is the 7th book of the Hataraku Maou-sama! Light Novel series.


A door-to-door fraudster arrives in the neighborhood, swindling Urushihara! Already strapped for cash, Maou visits the office to contest the transaction, only to find himself tongue-tied at their vehement refusal! Unable to face the heat, is Maou truly out forty-five thousand yen?! Not if the Hero has anything to say about it... Other adventures await Maou and the crew in this volume of short stories--from becoming new cat owners, to a family shopping trip, to the story of how Chiho met Maou.


  • Short Story 1: The Devil Pledges to Stay Legitimate
  • Short Story 2: The Devil Plucks a Cat Off The Street
  • Short Story 3: The Devil and The Hero Go Futon Shopping
  • Short Story 4: A Few Days Ago: The Teenager is a Part-Timer


Adaptation Notes[]

  • Only the first short story was adapted into the anime.
  • In the anime Ashiya began to work for the same company that tricked Lucifer into buying all the uneccesary stuff. But in the novel Ashiya was teaching instead.
  • In the novel Ashiya never found out about the huge debt they had because of the scam.
  • When Maou filled in a complaint because of the unnecessary items Lucifer was forced to buy, it was Ashiya who received it in the anime, while in the novel it was a female receptionist.
  • Suzuno placed a barrier around the company building to prevent Kuryu from fleeing, this did not happen in the anime.