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Hataraku Maou-sama! Novel Volume 5.5
Kanji はたらく魔王さま! 5.5
Romanji Hataraku Maō-sama! 5.5
Release Date July 3, 2013
Number of Pages 280
Cover Character/s Chiho Sasaki, Sadao Maou, Shirō Ashiya
Previous Novel Light Novel Volume 5
Next Novel Light Novel Volume 6

Hataraku Maou-sama! Light Novel Volume 5.5 (はたらく魔王さま!5.5) is a special volume that came together with the first DVD/ Blu-Ray of the Hataraku Maou-sama! anime.


The part-time employees of the Sasaki Family Farm took off after witnessing a boar attack on Chiho's grandmother, Ei Sasaki. The Sasaki family needs more help, especially since the harvest season is approaching! Riho Sasaki then asks for help from Maou and the others.



The part time employees at the Sasaki family farm have ran away because they witnessed Chiho's grandmother Sasaki Ei get attacked by a wild boar.

As harvesting time draws nearer, the Sasaki family needs help. Riho suggests that Chiho ask Maou and the rest to go.

Chapter 1: The Demon King, Farming[]

Chiho and Maou's group go to Komagane City where the Sasaki main house is. There, they were asked to perform simple tasks like weeding and plucking fruits. After a back breaking day's worth of weeding, the group go to the nearby hot springs, only to encounter Emi, Suzuno and Alas=Ramus.

Chapter 2: The Hero, Becomes a Legend[]

Emi asks Chiho's cousin, Kazuma, to let her work too. Kazuma agrees and Emi is officially employed. The group does a lot of farm work in the morning, but in the afternoon, the group encounters a hungry bear which gets defeated by Emi. Emi then becomes the focus of media attention due to this incident.

Chapter 3: The Demon King and The Hero, Stand Together to Protect the Sasaki Family[]

A series of thefts of crops in the area has everyone on high alert, and they deduce that the thieves plan to hit the Sasaki farm next. Taking up positions during the night, they wait for the thieves to come and when the thieves arrive, they confront them. A chase ensues, and at the end, the thieves end up getting captured.


As a reward for all their hard work, the Sasaki family gives them fresh vegetables and fruits along with their pay. Emi returns to work to find out that Rika has a picture of her taken from behind after she killed the bear. Shaken, she goes to the bathroom. While there, Alas-Ramus calls her Bear Killer, and says Emi that Maou is the person who told her that name. Emi laughs loudly while planning to go to Maou's apartment that evening.