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Hataraku Maou-same! Light Novel Volume 21
Vol 21 Cover.jpg
Kanji はたらく魔王さま! 21
Romanji Hataraku Maō-sama! 21
Release Date 7 August, 2020 (Japanese)
22 March, 2022 (English)
ISBN-10 ISBN 4049126788 (Japanese)
ISBN 1975340906 (English)
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4049126785 (Japanese)
ISBN 978-1975340902 (English)
Number of Pages 472 (Japanese)
216 (English)
Cover Character/s Sadao Maou, Chiho Sasaki, Emi Yusa, Alas=Ramus, Suzuno Kamazuki, Shirō Ashiya, Hanzō Urushihara
Previous Novel Light Novel Volume 20

Hataraku Maou-sama! Light Novel Volume 21 はたらく魔王さま!21) is the 21st and last book of the Hataraku Maou-sama! Light Novel series.


Slice of Life Story presented by the part timer Demon King, grand ending!

The Demon King and the rest launched the Demon Fortress, and also ended the conflict between the humans of Ente Isla. What was left was only starting the defeat of God towards Heaven -- even so, there is something which needed to be done before that. The Demon King and Hero wore formal wear, and where they headed towards was Chiho's house -- the Sasaki home. The Demon King met Chiho's father, taking responsibility for what he did when he just arrived in Japan. But ever since after the summit meeting, his physical condition had not been good, also affecting his daily living. The final battle was upon them, Emi, unable to stand by and observe quietly, was very worried about the Demon King, but--?

Waiting for the Demon King and the others, who were unable to maintain their cool image at the end was the truth about Heaven. Can the battle against God succeed. What will happen to their lives in Japan in the end-- the long battle of the part timer Demon King and the Caller Agent Hero has finally reached the final battle, slice of life fantasy story, a moving ending!


  • Prologue: The Demon King Goes to Work
  • Chapter 1: The Fallen Angel Takes the Inheritance
  • Chapter 2: The Demon King Army Moves the Moon
  • Chapter 3: The Demon King Compensates for his Past Sins
  • Chapter 4: The Hero Solidifies her Answer and Guidance Policy
  • Chapter 5: The Demon King Replies on People for What's Ahead
  • Chapter 6: The Demon King and Hero Challenge God
  • Chapter 7: The Demon King and Hero avenge God
  • Chapter 8: The Demon King and Hero have a Showdown
  • Chapter 9: The Demon King Works