Hataraku Maou-sama! Wiki
Kanji ライラ
Rōmaji Raira
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Age 11 000+
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Silver (former)


Personal Status
Affiliation Heaven (former)
Occupation Archangel
Relatives Nord Justina (Husband)
Emilia Justina (Daughter)
Acies=Ara (Adoptive daughter)
First Appearance
Novel Debut Volume 3
Manga Debut Volume 6

Lailah (ライラ Raira) is an archangel and Emilia's mother.


300 years ago, Lailah rescued a young Satan from the brink of death as she had never seen a demon cry before. Despite his protests, she nursed him back to health, at the same time sharing stories and knowledge to his unwilling ears. Satan learned of humankind through Lailah. She left secretly, leaving him a note along with a fragment of Yesod, a purple crescent-shaped crystal, and told him to plant it if he wanted to know more about the world. Lailah was the first to call Satan "The Great Demon Overlord, Satan" with a note.

Many years later, Lailah met Nord Justina. Once she had given birth to their child, Emilia, she entrusted Nord and Emilia with 2 other fragments of Yesod and left to avoid capture by other angels.

Lailah's Goal[]

Lailah's goal is to keep the Tree of Life alive and protect it from being over-used by Heaven. The Tree of Life survives on the human spirit and advancements. However, in Ente Isla, where technological advancements is next to none, the Tree of Life is getting starved of energy. Furthermore, the Angels from Heaven are using the Tree of Life's energy to sustain their magic. Her aim is to defeat Ignora so that the Angels would stop hogging the Tree's energy and allow the humans to advance without their aid.


  • Lail (ليل; Layl) means "Night" in Arabic.
  • Lailah (לילה; Laylah) means "Night" in Hebrew.
  • She used to be a Doctor.
  • Currently she is working as a nurse in Japan. She is still using her original name and pretends to be a British citizen residing in Japan.
  • She is apparently a very messy person. Her home is covered in trash.