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Kanji カイエル
Rōmaji Kaieru
Biographical Information
Species Personification of Yesod
Gender Male
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Silver with purple strands in front
Personal Status
Affiliation The Tree of Life
First Appearance
Novel Debut Volume 15

Kael (カイエル) is the Yesod personification of Lailah's home planet.


Kael and Shekeena were assistant scientists working under Ignora. Sataniel became suspicious of the two and had Sariel dig out their pasts. He soon discovered that their backgrounds were fabricated. Ignora had them do a body scan and found out that their DNA had genetics of immortality. After checking their backgrounds, she found out that they came from a tree which was situated on the moon.

Later the scientist moved to the moon in order to finish the research. However when Ignora and Sataniel completed their research, Kael and Shekeena tried to stop them from gaining immortality, believing that it would do no good to human kind. They were later defeated by Ignora and Sataniel, who took their DNA and spread it among the other scientists.

After the scientists had settled in Ente Isla, the second Kael and Shekeena worked together to protect Ente Isla's Sephira from also getting abducted by Ignora.