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Location Information
Location Heaven
Inhabitants Raguel, Camael, Ignora, Lailah (formerly), Gabriel (formerly) Sariel

Hataraku Mao-sama! Light Novel Volume 1 (mentioned)


Episode 5 - The Demon King and The Hero Save Sasazuka (mentioned)

Heaven is the blue moon of Entle Isla.


The head researchers, Ignora and Sataniel, of the Angel's home planet were trying to find a way to reach immortality in order to save their race. They soon discovered the existence of the Tree of Life on the moon, thanks to Ignora's two assistants: Kael and Shekeena, who respectively were the personifications of Yesod and Marut. Ignora and Sataniel were able to finish their research, but the two Sephira tried to stop them by killing as many researchers as possible. In the end the two were defeated, Ignora and Sataniel took their DNA and spreadi it to the other researchers. As a result she, Sataniel, GabrielSarielLailah, Camael and Raguel became immortal. However the humans of their planet became greedy and demanded that they share the research with them. This left the two of them no choice but to flee their home planet by separating the moon. After a while they drifted to Ente Isla, which had only one moon at that time, and the group decided to settle there.