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Heather Lumark
Biographical Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 27+
Personal Status
Occupation Representative of the Western Continent
First Appearance
Novel Debut Volume 10

Heather Lumark is a general from the Western Continent, who once fought alongside Emilia during one of the battles against the Demon Army.


While not much is known, Emilia met Heather during her quest to free Ente Isla from Demon King Satan. They fought alongside each other for a short while during the war against the demons. After Emilia defeated the Demon Army, Heather stayed in the Central Continent to help with the reconstruction and negotiations with the others Continents.


After hearing that Emerada was sent to trial, Heather, who believed in the sorceress' innocence, immediately rushed back to the Western Continent where she encountered Alberto and Suzuno, who failed to infiltrate the Cloud Detached Palace and were sent to the Western Continent by Gabriel. Together they cleared the false charges against Emerada and forced the perpetrator Pepin to reveal all the false evidence used for the accusation. Having successfully freed Emerada, the group headed towards the Azure Sky Canopy with the use of the Angel's feather Pen.

Upon arrival, they exposed Olba's scenes in the presence of the Fangan Militia, the New Demon Army, the Azure Sky Emperor, the Malebranche Chieftian's, Emilia, Alciel and Maou. After Olba's arrest Heather requested a ceasefire between the Eastern Continent and the rest of Ente Isla. Furthermore she thanked the Demon King for saving the Azure Sky Canopy from the Angel's clutched and oversaw the demons returning to the Demon World.


She's described as a beautiful woman, wearing ceremonial armour for external negotiations.