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The Devil's Budget Is Saved by Neighborliness The Hero Learns The True Meaning of "Lover's Quarrel"
Episode 8 - The Hero Barges into a Fight
Episode 8
Season One, Episode Eight
Kanji 勇者、修羅場に突入する
Rōmaji Yūsha, Shuraba ni Totsunyū Suru
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Air Date May 23rd, 2013
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Episode 7 - The Devil's Budget Is Saved by Neighborliness
Episode 9 - The Hero Learns The True Meaning of "Lover's Quarrel"


Chiho and Emi visit Sadao's apartment and are surprised to find Suzuno still helping Sadao and co. with their domestic chores, much to Chiho's shock. After the group settles down for lunch prepared by Suzuno and a bit of small talk, Emi offers herself to Suzuno shop for more modern clothing. Later, as Sadao walks Chiho home, while they are alone, she confesses her feelings for him while disregarding the fact that he is a demon, since she already fell for him. Just then, Suzuno overhears Chiho's confession, causing Chiho to run away in embarrassment. Suzuno follows up by asking Sadao about his own response to being loved by people and is visibly surprised by his sincere response. Afterwards Suzuno meets Emi at the Sasazuka Station and they both inadvertently reveal their misunderstood intentions towards Sadao over the events of the past few days. As Suzuno introduces herself as a resident of Ente Isla, Crestia Bell - First Interrogator of the Reformation, although Emi cuts her off and takes her to a cafe to exchange information. Here, Suzuno informs Emi that she was sent under orders by the Church of Ente Isla to investigate any leads on the missing Olba Meiyā and further asks that Emi return to Ente Isla after defeating Satan so that she can confront the Church about the cover-up regarding Olba's traitorous actions. Although Emi remains hesitant in trusting Suzuno especially since the actions of her superior put the lives of everyone in the underground mall in danger just to kill her and Sadao. Before she leaves, Emi offers advice to Suzuno that if she isn't careful on how she interacts with Sadao, they will find out about her true agenda. Meanwhile, a new fast food restaurant, Sentucky Fried Chicken boldly opens up across the street from MgRonald, which subsequently starts loosing customers. Later, the manager of Sentucky, Mitsuki Sarue pops into MgRonald to meet its manager and apparently check out the competition, although Sadao counters by having Ashiya do some spying of their own. Finally, as Suzuno waits for Emi after work at the call center, she expresses a desire to visit Sadao's workplace at MgRonald, while Rika misunderstands the situation as a developing Lover's Quarrel between Suzuno and Emi over Sadao, much to Emi's irritation.