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The Demon King Climbs the Stairways to School The Hero Barges into a Fight
Episode 7 - The Devil's Budget Is Saved by Neighborliness
Episode 7
Season One, Episode Seven
Kanji 魔王、近所付き合いで家計を助けられる
Rōmaji Maō, Kinjozukiai de Kakei o Tasukerareru
Episode Information
Air Date May 16th, 2013
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Episode 6 - The Demon King Climbs the Stairways to School
Episode 8 - The Hero Barges into a Fight


Suzuno Kamazuki who had fallen down their apartment building's stairs comes to introduce herself to Sadao, Ashiya and Urushihara the next morning and gives them a box of udon noodles as a friendly gesture. Elsewhere, Emi receives a box containing bottles of a Magic Enhancing drink, made my Emeralda. As she continues to stalk Sadao's apartment, Emi spots Suzuno helping Urushihara with chores and goes to covertly investigate, although she is caught when Suzuno exits the apartment and Emi falls down the stairs while fleeing. Back in Sadao's apartment, Suzuno introduces herself to Emi and thinks that she and Sadao are in some kind of relationship because of their unreserved manner when speaking to each other, which she denies. Emi then speaks with Suzuno outside and seemingly misunderstands that Suzuno might like Sadao; a conversation which Emi finds similar to one she had with Chiho after the earthquake. Although Suzuno already knows who Emi is, being from Ente Isla (unbeknownst to Emi herself). Emi then warns Suzuno not to get close to Sadao. As Sadao leaves for work where he is made Shift Supervisor, Suzuno gives him a handmade boxed lunch. While Emi stakesout outside MgRonald's, Emeralda calls to ask the results of the Magic drink, and relays that there is peace on Ente Isla for now while rumors are being spread. Emeralda further adds that the Church is currently looking for the missing Olba, warning that people may be looking for her as well. As Sadao takes his break at MgRonald's, Chiho gets jealous of the packed lunch given to him by Suzuno. Meanwhile, while buying food at a convenience store, Emilia is attacked by a masked man wielding a large scythe and using Magic which nullifies her Holy Sword in a counterattack. In the aftermath while wondering who the masked man was, Emi receives a call from Chiho, venting her jealousy over Sadao's boxed lunch.

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