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The Demon King and The Hero Save Sasazuka The Devil's Budget Is Saved by Neighborliness
Episode 6 - The Demon King Climbs the Stairways to School
Episode 6
Season One, Episode Six
Kanji 魔王、学校の階段を昇る
Rōmaji Maō, Gakkō no Kaidan o Noboru
Episode Information
Air Date May 9th, 2013
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Episode 5 - The Demon King and The Hero Save Sasazuka
Episode 7 - The Devil's Budget Is Saved by Neighborliness


At the Church's Headquarters on Ente Isla a report is made by a girl stating that the Archbishop Olba's previous report that he killed the Dark Lord, Emilia, Emeralda and Albertio was false and they discuss the consequences of letting the truth leak to the rest of the church that they remain alive. Meanwhile, back in Japan, Lucifer, now wanted by the police in connection with the recent muggings, moves in with Sadao and Ashiya under the name Hanzō Urushihara, while becoming proficient using the internet. He learns of the rumor that paranormal activity in the form of portal activations to Ente Isla occur in an abandoned classroom at a local high school which turns out to be Chiho's school and Sadao and Ashiya decide to investigate. That night, along with Chiho, the group goes into the school and are followed by Emi who claims she has to keep an eye on Sadao, despite being able to return to Ente Isla at anytime. As the group reaches the abandoned classroom, it turns out that it was the base of operations for both Urushihara and Olba prior to their respective betrayals and alliance. Urushihara then asks that Sadao, while he is there, retrieve his PSVita which he had left there by accident, angering the group and claiming that he had forgot he had lived there, although, while the group is outside, the same girl who made the report to the Church of Ente Isla is seen through the window, indicating she had opened a portal. Later, a new tenant moves into Miki-T's apartment building and Satan catches her as she falls down the stairs and passes out.

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