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The Demon King Arrives in Sasazuka The Devil King Goes on a Date with his Junior in Shinjuku
Episode 2 - The Hero Prioritizes Work and Stays at the Demon King's Castle
Season One, Episode Two
Kanji 勇者、仕事優先で魔王城に泊まる
Rōmaji Yūsha, Shigoto Yūsen de Maōjō ni Tomaru
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Air Date April 11th, 2013
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Episode 1 - The Demon King Arrives in Sasazuka
Episode 3 - The Demon King Goes on a Date with his Junior in Shinjuku


In the wake of Satan and Alciel's departure from Ente Isla, Emilia and her comrades decide to give chase. Back in present-day Japan, Sadao tries to reason with Emilia; now under the identity Emi Yusa, but she instead pulls a cheap knife out of her bag and makes to attack him. Afterwards, they are both arrested and brought to a police station for questioning where the officer in charge mistakes them for having a lover's quarrel, much to Emi's protest. On their way home, Emi threatens Sadao by letting him know that she knows where he lives although he just shrugs. The following day it is revealed that Emi works at a call center and does a bit of domestic shopping after work. Later that night, while feeling angry that she isn't living a better lifestyle than Sadao, pays them a visit. Ashiya, in shock, locks her out and while she sobs and begs them to let her in, Sadao casually explains her circumstances to him. After remarking on Sadao's pathetic lifestyle, she explains to him that she along with her Priest Olba Meiyā were going to follow them through the portal before it disappeared but she ended up being the only one transported. Sadao then explains that he will work his way up the workforce and eventually take over Japan, which Emi again finds pathetic before she leaves. Over the next few days, Emi begins stalking Sadao and Ashiya around town and learns that they are living good humble lives.

She then visits Sadao at MgRonald and asks to meet him after work at a crosswalk. Chiho, noticing Emi's beauty, becomes jealous and later asks Sadao about the recent earthquakes and learns that he is living with a male roommate much to her relief. Afterwards while meeting Emi, she asks Sadao if he ever considered staying in the human world, but he exclaims that he will return to rule Ente Isla before he is pathetically knocked on the ground. They both soon realize that they are being fired at with magic bullets from a sniper and make to escape. As Sadao realizes they may have a common enemy, he casually blames Emi before he leaves for the night. Emi however shows up again at his apartment much to his suspicion of an ambush. She awkwardly asks if she could stay the night since she lives a distance away and lost her wallet while they were escaping. Sadao casually gives her sanctuary again to Ashiya's shock, as Emi tearfully ponders to herself how that situation arose. That night, Sadao receives a mysterious text from Chiho warning that more earthquakes are on the way.