Hataraku Maou-sama! Wiki
Kanji チリアット
Rōmaji Chiriatto
Biographical Information
Species Demon
Gender Male
Personal Status
Affiliation Demon Army
Occupation Chieftian of the Malebranche Clan
First Appearance
Novel Debut Volume 4
Manga Debut Volume 9

Ciriatto (チリアット Chiriatto) is a demon from the Malebranche clan. He was the one who led a small army of demons to Japan in order to search for Emilia's holy sword Better Half.


Ciriatto belongs to the same clan Malacoda once led. After the defeat of the Demon King Satan, the demon world became divided: one fraction: the moderates, still believed their king had survived and wanted to keep the national stability and the war advocates who wanted revenge for their fallen king and planned to recreate the demon army. The Malebranche joined the war advocates.

One day Olba visited the demon capital, coming with a story that Emilia's holy sword Better Half was the key for their revenge. Pretending to believe the high priest's words, a small army with Ciriatto in charge decided to go to Japan in order to search for the sword. When they opened the gate to Choshi, they were greeted by the hero herself. Having no need to search Ciriatto and Emilia locked in combat until the Demon King Satan, along with the demon generals Alciel, Lucifer and the demon minister Camio arrived to stop the battle. The army of demons was ordered to return to the demon realm and inform the citizens that the Demon King had survived and was recovering in another world, with the Holy Sword in his custody.


Ciriatto is described as a large demon with long teeth, claws and an eye-patch.