Hataraku Maou-sama! Wiki

Kanji カマエル
Rōmaji Kamaeru
Biographical Information
Species Angel
Gender Male
Age 10 000+
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Silver
Personal Status
Affiliation Heaven
Occupation Archangel
Guardian of Gevurah
Wrath of God
First Appearance
Novel Debut Volume 6 (mentioned)
Volume 8

Camael (カマエル Kamaeru) is an Archangel from Ente Isla and the guardian of the Gevurah Sephira. He arrives in Japan with Libicocco to create a ruckus as distraction and to retrieve the Yesod Fragment that's in the possession of Chiho Sasaki. His weapon of choice is a ranseur made from black metal. Camael talks and acts in a robotic way. He even went berserk when he saw Maou and repeated his name as if he was in a trance.


While not much is known about Camael, his unstable behaviour towards Maou seems to stem from losing his wife during the war the angels had against Sataniel, as he described Sataniel as the enemy of his wife. While Maou isn't directly responsible for her death, it was stated by Gabriel that Maou and Sataniel share a name (Satan), which is what was causing Camael to react to Maou this way. It is unclear how exactly she died and whether she was killed directly by Sataniel or killed during the war caused by him, however what we do know is that her body was left stranded in the demon world.


Camael has a large build, which is comparable to Gabriel. He wears a red armor with a full metal faced mask, making it impossible to see his face.
Beneath his mask he is shown to have silver hair and red eyes. Half of his face has burn marks.

Powers and Abilities[]

Celestial Force[]

  • Flight: With the help of his wings he is able to fly at a certain speed
  • Fire: He is capable of creating a fire ball looking as big as the sun