Leadership of the Allied Knights Order

The Allied Knights Order is an organization of knights from four allied nations banded together in fighting against King Satan and his forces of from the Demon World. The members of the organization were deemed heretics by the Church, following the defeat of Satan's army.


When Satan launched a massive invasion against the Five Continents of Ente Isla, the Allied Knights Order was formed to provide a means of resistance against the demonic threat. Led by Emilia Justina, the group fought bravely to push back the enemy, engaging the Demon Army in a struggle that covered all of Ente Isla. Throughout the war, the Allied Knights Order suffered enormous casualties, even during the siege on the Demon King's citadel. After the war ended with Satan's self-imposed exile and Emilia's disappearance, the Allied Knights Order began to revolt against the rising power of the corrupt Church of Ente Isla.

Top members of the Allied Knights Order plotted to resist the rule of the Church, but their plans were discovered by the High Priest Olba Meyer, Head of the Inquisition. During the ensuing political conflict, the Inquisition began eliminating those who were considered heretics by the Church. This imposed manhunt resulted in the deaths of several knights at the hands of Crestia Bell, who poisoned the leaders of the order before mercilessly executing them.