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Kanji アドラメレク
Biographical Information
Species Demon
Gender Male
Personal Status
Affiliation Demon Army
Ashen Horn
Occupation Demon General
Ashen Horn leader
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1 (cameo)
Novel Debut Volume 0-II
Manga Debut Volume 1

Adramelech (アドラメレク) was one of Demon Lord Satan's demon generals in Ente Isla.


Before becoming a Demon General, Adramelech was the leader of the demon clan named Ashen Horns, a clan known for its monstrous strength.

When the Demon Lord attempted to conquer Ente Isla, Adramelech commanded the North invasion army and attacked the Northern Island. He was the second to be defeated by Hero Emilia and her forces.



Powers and Abilities

Water & Ice Magic

  • Adramelech was known to be skilled in Ice and Water Magic, as mentioned in Volume 0 where he used water and ice to create an unbreakable magic ice armour.

Demonic Halberd

  • Adramelech's weapon of choice, composed of a spear and axe portion. According to him, his weapon was passed down by the gods of the Ashen Horn clan and it can pierce through and tear through everything. Also, his halberd is the only one that can break through his magic ice armour.