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Acies=Ara/ Tsubasa
WIKIA Acies Ara.png
Kanji アシエス・アーラ
Rōmaji Ashiesu=Ara
Biographical Information
Species Sephirah
Gender Female
Age ? (older than the world Ente Isla)
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Silver with purple strands in the front
Personal Status
Relatives Nord Justina (Adoptive Father)
Lailah (Adoptive Mother)
Alas=Ramus (Older sister)
First Appearance
Novel Debut Volume 8
Manga Debut Volume 15

Acies=Ara (アシエス・アーラ, Ashiesu āra) / Tsubasa Satou (サトウツバサ, Satou Tsubasais the younger sister of Alas=Ramus and the adoptive daughter of Nord. She is also a Fragment of Yesod. In volume 15 of the manga she introduces herself as Acieth Alla.


Before Emilia's village was attacked by the Demon Army, Lailah appeared and sent Nord to Earth. Before departing she gave him a Yesod fragment, which later became the girl Acies=Ara. The two have been living in Japan ever since under the names Hiroshi Satou and Tsubasa Satou.


Maou encountered Acies in the bus when he was on his way to get his motor license. Acies and Nord were heading for the same destination and ended up talking to the Demon King. The impression Acies gave to Maou was that she and Nord were a strange father and daughter duo. Since Acies had her hair and face hidden under a cap, Maou could not figure out her real identity. She began to sniff Maou's hand repeatedly and even freaked him out when she began to lick his hand. After they arrived at the police station they went their separate ways, until Acies found Maou after his exam. Due to the heavy storm the three persons had no choice but to wait.


  • Just like Emilia, Acies=Ara likes to eat curry.
  • Acies=Ara has a huge appetite, this apparently is normal when the personified Sephira grow older.
  • Despite the time living in Japan, Acies isn't fluent in speaking or writing Japanese. She always writes in kana instead of using kanji.